Fleet Solutions

Better Manage Fleet Safety

Capture, alert, report, and improve high risk driving measured in telemetry-based metrics such as speeding, aggressive driving, and hard cornering, AI camera metrics such as drowsiness, distracted, and cellphone use, and tailored usage metrics such as after-hours use, excessive mileage, and unauthorized travel. Intuitive safety scoring and peer comparisons provide actionable next steps and benchmarks for improvement.   

Gain Greater Visibility & Make More Informed Decisions

Current and historical fleet and driver visibility allows for better real-time decision making and organizational planning. MyOrion real-time visibility supports proximity searching and ad-hoc route optimization while historical route reporting and digital driver times sheets identify operational areas for targeted improvement.

Tailored Data Analysis

Orion analyzes and pre-compiles the data for users via tailored reporting, delivering concise insights in an easy to act upon manner. Data analysts produce tailored reports for users within one of MyOrion’s three distinct reporting engines (trends, analytics, and instance) based on the use case and desired detail level.

Orion Led Driver Coaching

Data without coaching action does not drive results. Orion’s role based structured driver coaching is tailored for an organization’s unique environment and culture, making it easy for fleet operators to achieve and maintain measurable safety and operational gains. Real-time driver feedback, distributed management reporting, and Orion’s ongoing monitoring combine to form one coaching program that enables fleets with Orion to achieve greater improvements, both more easily and more consistently, than through technology alone 

Automated Backoffice Reporting

Maintain compliance and reduce employee time, paper, and headaches by automating maintenance reminders, trip reporting, driver time sheets, IFTA, passenger logs, inspections, and more. 

Industry Specific Solutions

Orion works with a wide-range of fleets through our commercial auto carrier programs. A few industries of focus include:

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