Essential Solutions to

Manage Your Fleet

Orion’s combined approach of in-vehicle technology with analyst led data analysis, driver coaching, and ongoing monitoring enables businesses to operate a safe and high performing fleet with minimal effort. Fleets with Orion operate more efficiently, with fewer accidents, and fewer headaches.

Driving Fleet Results Through Technology, Data Analysis & Driver Coaching

Data without action does not drive results, and it takes a lot of heavy lifting to convert the tidal wave of the data that comes from conventional telematics and convert it into meaningful insights into your operations. Orion’s Data Analysts solve this by analyzing the data for our customers, delivering it in a manner that is easy to act upon, and leading the driver coaching effort to help constructively improve fleet efficiency and safety. The net result – fleets with Orion achieve greater improvements, more consistently, and more easily than through other telematics solutions. With Orion you receive a technology enabled service, it’s human to human, not just a box of technology that you need to learn, interpret, and find time to use.

Increase Commercial Auto Profitability

Orion assists Agents, MGAs, Insurers, Captives, and Reinsurers to differentiate their insurance offerings, win and retain more high premium accounts, and develop innovative new proprietary business models – all while managing underwriting profitability. From extra heavy to hired non-owned, local radius to long-haul, volunteer drivers to DOT regulations – Orion understands the uniqueness of commercial auto and its challenges.

Tailored Hardware Technology To Address Unique Needs

Orion fits the technology to your operations. Customers choose between a number of different in-vehicle technology solutions and device accessories based on fleet structure and operational needs. Assets of different types are visible through one convenient interface and receive standardized data analysis and coaching regardless of the underlying technology. Orion’s hardware options include:

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