Multiple Technology Options Enable Customer Tailored Deployments

Telematics, connected dash-cameras, electronic logs (ELD), mobile applications, asset tracking, routing, temperature monitoring, and more seamlessly integrated into one easy to use solution. 

Flexibility of Multiple Hardware Options

Whether you are a fleet operator with a specific use case or an insurer servicing a mixed book of commercial auto, Orion’s array of technology and services covers a broad range of industries and auto challenges. Vehicle technologies include plug-in telematics devices, connected cameras, mobile apps, and more. Additional optional accessories and modules, both hardware and software, allow for furthure tailored deployments to address unique operating needs

Convenience of One Integrated MyOrion Platform

Regardless of the underlying technology within a fleet or auto book deployment, the MyOrion platform standardizes the core data and reporting through one easy to use interface. While fleets can access telematics, cameras, ELD, routing, and more through one integrated solution, insurers can leverage one platform for servicing insureds ranging from hired non-owned to extra heavy auto and everything in between.  

Orion Vision: AI Connected Dash Cameras

Orion’s line of integrated dash cameras offers real-time and historical video footage of fleet activity streamed wireless to your MyOrion account. Options include low cost front facing only solutions, 360-degree visibility, and multi-zone capabilities that support a custom array of multiple in-cab and outside cameras. Additional AI capabilities support advanced driver coaching for detecting distracted driving, fatigue, unsafe following distance, and more.

Orion Advanced Monitoring: Telematics

Orion’s plug-and-play and hardwired telematics units facilitate easy, real-time data capture from your mobile assets. Combined with our Advanced Monitoring Services, Orion’s integrated data analysis and driver coaching enabling greater fleet improvements, more easily, than through technology alone.

Orion Electronic Logging (ELD)

Orion’s FMCSA certified electronic logbooks are easy to use and integrated into MyOrion. BYOD support enables flexible, cost effective deployments while Orion’s home office customer support accelerates driver on-boarding. 

Orion Driver Connect Mobile App

The Orion Driver Connect Mobile App Suite supports both additional data capture for the Orion Advanced Monitoring Service and stand-alone device free monitoring ideal for staff operating personal autos. A module-based subscription approach includes solutions for Time & Attendance, Driver Identification, Ridership Monitoring, Accounting Cost Centers, Fee For Service Reporting, Routing & Dispatch, Digital Vehicle Inspection, and more. 

Orion Asset Tracking

Active and ad-hoc asset tracking solutions for both powered and non-powered assets. Long battery life and solar-powered units for assets that are left unpowered for long periods of time.

Additional Functionality

Route Optimization & Dispatch

Optimize, plan, and monitor route performance in real-time through Orion’s routing module. Real-time fleet visibility and proximity searching allow more informed decision making as fleet needs change throughout the day. Optional Orion Driver Connect Mobile App integration pushes routes directly to drivers phones or tablets.

Temperature Monitoring

Measure, report, and alert on the real-time temperature of refrigerated compartments. Instantaneous temperature reporting helps maintain compliance while long term digital records are stored for easy retrieval in the event of an audit.

Driver ID, Panic Buttons, DVIR, & More

Orion supports a host of integrated accessories that can be added to a deployment. For instance, fleets looking to link drivers to vehicles will find several driver identification options include key fobs, facial recognition, mobile app, terminal, and HID integration to support pre-existing employee badges.

Tax Mileage Reporting

Automated state by state mileage data enables easy tax mileage reporting. Integrated filtering also allows fleets to remove toll road and off-road mileage to reduce tax expense in applicable states.

Cost Center Accounting

Streamline accounting processes, reduce paper, and improve audit prep with accounting cost center reporting.  Effortlessly tag different vehicle, driver, and passenger activity in the field to the appropriate organization cost center. Admin reporting allows for easy review and editing where needed. 

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